Holly Rogalski

Healing and Guidance

are you experiencing the death of a dream?

You thought life would go a certain way, but a plot-twist has you disoriented and lost.
You’re questioning who you are, how to cope and what to do next. 
Every human experiences a few “Great Somethings” in their time on this planet.
Some call these ego deaths, shamanic deaths, Dark Nights of the Soul.
For many, crisis reveals the price you’ve been paying for your low self-worth.
There is a map through this territory. Hire me to walk with you.
Are you a Highly Sensitive Person or INFP/J navigating these major life experiences?
  • Divorce or separation
  • Recovery from abuse, especially emotional abuse
  • birth or postpartum trauma or difficulty
  • Losing yourself after having a child
  • Burn-out in your career or lifestyle
  • Chronic illness, especially with an unknown diagnosis
  • Care-taking fatigue 
  • Raising a troubled or “difficult” child
  • Mid-life questioning and Existential Crisis
  • Finding yourself again after raising your children
  • Feeling directionless and stuck in your head, but needing SOMETHING to change
Have you wrestled your whole life with: 
  • People-pleasing. Losing self in caring for others. You love helping others but often realize you neglected yourself in the process.
  • Perpetually hard on yourself and self-berating. Addiction to self-help and self-development books and programs.
  • Depression and Anxiety, even when life is going well.
  • Low self-esteem and low self-worth. Assuming you’re the wrong one in the argument.
  • Recognizing and enforcing boundaries. Unable to name feelings.
  • Procrastination and Perfectionism. Frustration at not achieving your wonderful ideas and goals
  • Self-isolation and “hiding”. Taking drives to be alone. Even being deceptive to spend time on your own. Disappearing for days.
  • Overthinking and second-guessing yourself. Always hunting for the more perfect plan.
  • All or Nothing mentality and habits. Working out 5x a week or eating donuts on the couch. No in-between.
The very traits that cause you to struggle are the gateway to your healing and empowerment.
You can finally understand, appreciate and leverage your beautiful brain to find your peaceful, abundant dream life.

90-Minute Triage Session

An intensive session to stop the bleeding and create a new framework for the path to healing. Learn where you are on the archetypal path of transformation. A clarifying, intuitive session to uncover what’s immediate and next for you.

You can expect:

  • A safe place to express and purge your rawest truth.
  • Guidance toward an empowering emotional narrative.
  • Listen to the subconscious mind through right-brain, visual coaching.

Navigate the Underworld

Weekly guidance through 13 weeks of your transformational journey. What does your soul need to learn right now? Who are you when you don’t recognize yourself anymore? How can you re-assemble the shattered pieces of yourself?

What’s Included:

  • Weekly 60 minute guidance to help you uncover your intuitive knowing.
  • Weekly assignments to explore shadow-work, facing fears, nervous system healing, and hunting for the new Self.
  • Access to the “Creative Drawing for Healing and Insight” sessions.

How It Works

We meet in the depths in a 90-minute triage call.

If I’m the right guide for you, we continue for 13 weeks of post-traumatic growth.

you emerge from the underworld as the triumphant, tender warrior

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Your session will feel very conversational as it unfolds. Some sessions include visual, right-brain exploratory drawing. Some utilize somatic trauma release. Some include story-telling and mythology. The medicine prescribed depends on the ailment presented.

Please click the “book now” button to find your spot on the calendar. I reserve a few hours every week just for new clients. 

Once you book, you’ll receive detailed instructions for preparatory tasks. Primarily, you will need to ensure a quiet, uninterrupted and private area for our session. You will also need to gather a few drawing supplies for visual coaching. 

Our first “triage” session is a 90-minute deep dive into your struggles, your world and your vision for your future. Should we mutually decide that we’re a good fit for further work, our time together is 13 weeks. And then some clients extend our time into a second 13-week journey.

Yes, many clients take advantage of monthly installments. There is no upcharge for this convenience.

The first step is to apply (above) for a 90-minute “triage” session. I only work with clients that I am sure I can help, so we will be determining together if we have good alchemy during this session. If so, then this session rolls into a 13-week journey together.