Holly Rogalski

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About Holly

My soul signed up for a wild ride.
My experience on Earth has included
turnip: biting, sharp, spicy, nutritious, adds color and flavor.
Pulls the water up from the depths and brings life to the surface. Is connected and sensitive with a million tendrils of intuitive antenna.
I am here to channel and vibrate with news for you. Guidance and 
Like a big old satellite dish. I keep my airwaves clear to hear. 
Sympathetic vibration. resonant. helping you know when your vibration is attuned. 
maintain clarity. somatic, physical, visual and clever. making connections.
Presence of God. Felt
Zebra. stands out to some but camouflaged to the predator. Only the ones who are ready will see me. Even on an empty savannah, in the expanse of 

i believe that Art-making is a spiritual path to

healing and self-actualization.

feeler and thinker

Art is what makes us HUMAN

I have an egalitarian approach to art. I believe that the urge to beautify things is the definition of the human spirit. If you are creating from that place, you can not do art wrong. (my favorite class in college was Philosophy of Art)
When I’m not slinging glitter, I have worked for 16 years as a childbirth educator and doula, helping women through childbirth. I studied Music and Art Ministry in college, with a plan to become a Christian Worship Minister. (I am now Atheist, which is an ongoing tension you will find in my work.)
I have three teenagers and five cats. I am married to a high school and college science teacher who doesn’t get any of this art stuff at all.

A Few Facts

Launched more than 30 strategic brands for clients

Multiple clients reporting over 150% revenue growth

More than 75% of New business is Referred from happy clients


Things I love the Most

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Favorite Food

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My Guilty Pleasure

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what I do for fun

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Intentional Design

Modern Touches

Targeted Audience


Strategic Moves

with intention

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